Top 3 Burger Ingredients Where Quality is Key

In a world of consumption it is easy to forget that in almost all cases Quality trumps Quantity, and when it comes to making your own burgers nothing could be more true!

Before you start your burger, imagine you are an architect and the burger you are about to create is to be the best house in the city. Everything from the foundations (the bun) to the furniture (the meat) and everything in between (the fillings) must be the best of the best.

In an exquisite house you may find;

Hand-polished Mahogany wooden flooring.
Marble counter-tops in the kitchen
Master bedroom with walk in and ocean view
Lounge with Bose surround system and cinema projector
Marble bathroom with double head shower and jet-spa bath

I’m drooling and we aren’t even talking about burgers yet.

A burger is the same. Source quality ingredients and you will stand in good stead when making your masterpiece!

In the perfect burger every ingredient is well thought out and purchased with quality in mind. However sometimes money and time can be issues and something has to give. Give too much though and suddenly your burger just won’t hit the mark.

If you can, ensure at least these 3 ingredients are top notch;

1. The Bun

This is your foundation. The bun is important for two reasons.

Visually – In the very first few seconds of being seen, a burger is judged simply by it’s appearance. The bun enjoys the most visual space on the plate, and nothing screams “don’t eat me” like a stale, dry or overly greasy looking bun. Choose and serve a bun that looks fresh, crisp and warm.
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